Octopus BC

Giant Pacific Octopus

The world’s largest species of octopus can be found throughout British Columbia’s coast. The GPO can grow to an impressive 160 pounds in weight, with an arm span of 24 feet! Curious and photogenic

seals BC

 Sea Lions

Common to multiple parts of British Columbia, diving or snorkelling with seals and sea lions can be a life changing experience.  From October to May, huge Steller sea lions can be found ready to play.

Wolf eels BC

Wolf Eels

Found all along the British Columbia coastline, wolf eels are actually fish, and possibly the grumpiest looking of all British Columbia sea creatures! Growing up to 8 feet long, they’re docile and inquisitive.

hoodies BC


British Columbia has some of the most incredible, and largest nudibranchs you’ll ever see.  Fantastic for macro photographers, impressive for nature lovers. The Giant Dendronotid really is a dive highlight. 

Soft coral BC

 Soft Coral

Gregorian corals are as breathtaking as anything you’ll see in the tropics.  Reaching up to 6 feet tall and 8 feet wide, these and other soft corals can be found in BC Pacific waters.

Microbialites BC


Microbialites represent some of the earliest remnants of life on ancient Earth, and can be found in British Columbia’s Pavilion Lake. This is a crystal clear lake that offers a rare diving experience.

Fish BC

 Scores of Fish

Some of the most commonly encountered fish species found all over the British Columbia coast are also the most striking. Rockfish, greenlings, cabazon, and red irish lords will all brighten up your dive.

Jelly fish BC


Majestic and graceful, British Columbia waters are home to lion’s mane, fried egg, and countless moon jellies. High points of a dive will see hundreds of thousands of moon jellies in the shallows.

Six gill shark BC

 Six Gill Sharks

Traversing the areas around Vancouver Island and the mainland, the six gill shark is as elusive as it is wondrous. Deep dwelling and huge in size, if you’re lucky, you’ll never forget an encounter!


 Ancient Sponges

British Columbia is one of the best places on Earth to explore and study sponges. Open to recreational and technical divers, some sponges cover football fields in immense bio-herms, some with origins in the prehistoric ages.

Annapolis reef bc

 Artificial Reefs

British Columbia has one of the most successful artificial reefing programs in the world. Currently BC has 7 artificial reefs including the a Boeing 737 and what was formerly the worlds largest artificial reef, the Cape Bretton.

Shipwrecks of BC


Historic shipwrecks are abundant in BC waters, from the recreational depth shipwrecks of Britannia Beach, to the technical diving wonder of the Transpac, and the 100 year old Capilano wreckage. All with knowledgable charter operators on hand to take you there.

British Columbia scuba diving has much to offer, ask your local dive store what you can discover in BC, or book a dive trip with a local charter or dive resort to explorer further afield!