Scuba comes to the Vancouver Outdoor Show

Scuba diving was the centre of attention at todays Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show. A “try scuba” session in the show’s pool drew an inquisitive audience as a small group of Vancouverite’s tried scuba for the very first time.

The DIABC booth, staffed by Amber Spitkovski, Tom, Petra Hermes and Jan Breckman, had fantastic positioning next to the demo pool and was on hand to chat with lots of passers by, hand out I Love BC stickers, gather email addresses for our newsletter and talk all things diving. The DIABC video attracted lots of attention with members of public wanting to know “wow, what is that?!”.

As with last year, a huge amount of encouraging interest in the DIABC, local diving and diving in general. We’d encourage more DIABC members to get involved with next years show.

Travis Stewart, Dive Instructor and Store Manager in North Vancouver, lead the try scuba session, in a pool cold enough to challenge even our local waters! The session was hugely successful, with even the event organizers pleased to such an encouraging response. There weren’t enough tanks to go round!

Sunday is the last day of the show, so if you have some free time, get down there and say hello. There’s tons to see, with a grand selection of what BC has to offer in the way of Adventure Travel. Additional dive presence was minimal, the most noticeable booth being from Annie Crawley and her excellent Kids Scuba Camp in the US.