I Love BC

DIABC Launch New I Love BC Campaign

Not content with a new website, new branding and new promotional materials, the Dive Industry Association of BC continues on it’s path to promote BC diving with an exciting, yet familiar and new campaign.

“People all over the world are familiar with Milton Glaser’s I Love NY campaign of the 70’s. It’s been re-used and re-purposed more than nearly other marketing campaign since. We felt it was appropriate to polish it off, and put a little scuba spin on it.” says the campaign’s designers, Seaproof.tv.

“It’s not original, we know that, but it’s not meant to be. It’s meant to be familiar, trusted, iconic, reassuring, and eye catching – everything that BC diving is. Tongue in cheek and straight to the point, BC divers LOVE BC diving. Simple as that.”

The new campaign graphics will gather momentum over the coming months, with stickers, brochures, a new website address, T-shirts and banners for trade shows.

BC diving deserves more attention than ever, and this new bold statement is sure to turn a few heads!