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The Dive Industry Association of British Columbia

Established as a not for profit society in 2002, the Dive Industry Association of British Columbia (DIABC) is an affiliation of volunteers working to promote and support diving across British Columbia. The DIABC is partially funded through matching donations from Tourism British Columbia as the advocates for diving in BC. While various industry associations have been in existence for years prior to 2007, it was in that year that a BC-wide organization was formally established.

For information about obtaining membership in the DIABC or about the organization please contact us.

For information about planning a diving trip to British Columbia or about accommodations and/or charters or dive sites please contact a DIABC member in the area.


Volunteers are needed for many functions. If you can assist in any if these areas, please contact us. This organization is only as strong as the people behind it.

The current committees for DIABC’s are:

  • Membership Committee
  • Fundraising Committee
  • Social Committee
  • Events Committee
  • Marketing Committee
  • Website Committee
  • Mooring Buoy Maintenance
  • Legal Issues
  • Administration

DIABC Projects

  • Marine Habitat Enhancement Programs This includes artificial reefs (old ships or other structures), reef balls, and the underwater statues, (these serve to increase dive tourism and promote the growth of the natural marine environment
  • Promotional Video A showcase for the stunning diving available in British Columbia. For viewing on cable networks, airlines, at tourist information offices, dive stores and on social media
  • Creation of a regional dive guide and brochure In conjunction with Tourism BC we aim to promote diving in British Columbia through printed materials
  • Representation at trade shows Often booth space at diving or sports shows are too expensive for single dive businesses to attend, but collectively they can be affordable, and beneficial through the association
  • Sponsorship of events To promote the sport of diving to the public, attract visiting divers to BC, and enhance the image of the sport to potential new divers

Association Purpose

The Dive Industry Association of British Columbia (DIABC) is a non-profit organization which provides a unified voice on behalf of dive industry professional entities in British Columbia. The DIABC also assists in the creation of programs that affect the success of the scuba diving industry in BC.

For further information refer to the DIABC-Constitution.

Photo credits: The DIABC would like to gratefully acknowledge and thank the following for their photographic contributions to this website. Seaproof.tv, David Hall, Bill Coltart, Doug Coutts, and Donnie Reid.